Is Emboss Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Yes, all of our lashes are Cruelty-Free. Our lashes are created with synthetic blended fibers, no animal or human hairs are used in the creation of our lashes. No product is created by or tested on animals. 

How many times can I reuse a pair of lashes?

Our lashes are reusable up to 20x. TIP: Make sure you remove the lash glue from the band after each use. Store the lashes back into our packaging to ensure they can remain in their shape & style. Every lash box is designed with magnetic closures to ensure your lashes are kept safe and dust free. Our packaging can also be reused to hold other beauty / lifestyle products!

Will wearing false lashes harm my natural eyelashes? 

No! When false lashes are applied and removed correctly, there should be no damage to the natural eyelashes. 

How do I remove my lashes?

With a water based makeup remover, use a very small amount on each corner of the eyelash and lightly pull to remove the false lash. It should not feel painful or difficult to remove. Remember to store your lashes back into our packaging to retain shape & style! 

How long does it take to process my order?

Upon receiving your order confirmation email notification, we aim to get all orders processed and shipped within 24 hours, during week days. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Canada: 1-6 Business Days (Standard)  1-3 Business Days (Express)

USA: 1-6 Business Days (Standard) 1-3 Business Days (Express)

International: 3-12 Business Days for Delivery. 

What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-Order items are items that have not yet arrived to us, but can be purchased in advance for when they do. Once we have the items in stock, we will ship the Pre-Ordered items to you directly. 

We provide an approximate shipping date for each Pre-Order item. We do our very best to ensure that your item is shipped within the range of dates provided. 

Should you need to modify your Pre-Order, or if you have any questions regarding Pre-Orders, please email us at 


If you have additional questions, please email us here: